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  • Let’s start with what I know we are. We are a small game development studio (read as 2 guys doing games in their free time πŸ˜€) with several mobile games released, and a few more game jams projects (check here) and since we want our games to be played, we know that game promotion is a necessary part of gamedev. But what is the ideal way to do it? 

    Tiny Pharaoh

    During the development of Tiny Pharaoh we started creating posts on various social media, tried to promote our game in several game dev groups and even contacted some magazines. And was it worth it? Honestly, I have no idea. πŸ˜… But what I do know is that the idea of constantly trying to impress others through continuous social media posts, engaging with various bots, all in the hopes of achieving a high reach, is not really my thing. But as I said, I realise it cannot be ignored. So what then? 🀨 

    Another idea that crossed our minds was diving into the world of YouTube videos. It appears to be an ideal way to showcase our games to the world, capturing all their beauty. From my experience there are two types of gamedev youtubers, tutorial creators and devloggers (and mixes of both). I would definitely not feel comfortable doing tutorials, considering I only started with game development roughly a year ago. Moving on to being a good devlogger, you not only need to be working on something interesting (which sounds hopeful), but also be a good talker (and there goes that hope, but hey, never say never πŸ€”). So, what’s the solution?

    Let’s do the devlog in the classic way – sharing our thoughts, news, and other… um, let’s call it ‘interesting inside information,’ right here. (Read this as the introduction to the most epic RPG) Let this blog be the chronicles of the Celestia: Divine Revelation development, embracing all its failures and successes (and let’s pause the epicness here), because, after all, that’s the raw reality of game development, isn’t it? We hope you’ll enjoy the journey with us and be there when we drop our first PC game! πŸš€

    Well, to come back to the initial question. Are we bloggers now? I guess we are!